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…and other non-traditional people who just want to be free.

I am not a robot. And neither are you (I hope). Will you join me in learning how to live a brave, messy, truly human life?

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  • Online Counselling

    More Than Just “Another Way to Talk”

    If you’ve never tried online counselling, you might be surprised at how powerful it can be.

    Just like traditional counselling, you meet with an experienced counsellor to explore your stories, your suffering, your values, and dreams. Connecting via video, email, instant messenger, and phone, you’ll work to create changes small and large to propel you towards a happier life.

  • Why People Prefer Online Counselling

    Unlike traditional counselling, online counselling allows you to:

    • Connect with a counsellor from the coziness of your own couch
    • Maintain consistent therapeutic support when you’re travelling (ideal for expats)
    • Write, paint, process, curl up, cry, sleep, sing, have the freedom to do ANYTHING you need to straight after a session
    • Receive emotional support through text or email if you’ve found talk therapy too anxiety-provoking in the past

    Whether you’re struggling with something specific – such as anxiety, depression, heartbreak, impacts of emotional violence, a difficult life transition – or something unnameable, I’d like to offer my help.


Meet Your Counsellor: Nicole Hind

Not Just Another “Talking Head”

Hi, I’m Nicole. I provide online counselling services across Australia and overseas for women, singles, and people with disabilities.

When it comes to counselling, I value Co-Creation, Community, Social Justice, and the transformational power of your Stories.