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    Online Counselling, Relationship Coaching, Personal Coaching and Business Coaching

    More Than Just “Another Way to Talk”

    I help couples who have been together awhile and are trying to deepen their relationship, wanting to move on to that ‘next stage’, but are stuck in problem territory.

    I help 30-ish singles who are disillusioned with dating but don’t *quite* give enough of a shit about themselves to find real love (and go after the life they want).

    And I help other counsellors and coaches who are starting out in private practice (or changing up their services) overcome imposter syndrome and get excited about building their dream small business.

    I know how tough these things can be – and sometimes, it can feel impossible to find a way through.

    You might have your doubts about seeking online counselling support. Maybe you or your partner/s had bad experiences with counsellors or psychologists in the past. Maybe everything just feels a bit too overwhelming to unpack.

    But counselling and coaching can be so powerful – and at Unveiled Stories, we try doing things a little bit differently. Because no matter what you have been through, your story is a story of strength.

    I’m Nicole Hind, owner of Unveiled Stories. With over 20 years experience I’m an online counsellor and coach based in Australia, and I’m here to help.

    Right now, your story might feel overwhelmingly negative – especially if you’re going through hard times or big changes in your life, or your relationship feels stuck in negative patterns.

    It can be really hard to take an objective look at our own stories, it’s a scary thing to do. But our stories have so much power. They show us our values. They show us how strong we are. How much we matter. That we have worth and strength, even if we don’t feel it – and being reminded of that can be so healing. Times this by 2 (or more) if you’re looking for relationship counselling. Bringing your stories, values and ideals together to create a relational vision is an actual genuine  ‘power couple’ move.

  • Wondering if online counselling or coaching is for you? Seeing an Australian online counsellor is a great option if:

    • You or your relationship don’t fit into the mould and you want to love the differences, not hide them
    • You’re circling the same problems in your relationship over and over
    • You kinda sorta want to fall in love with yourself (again—or maybe for the first time ever)
    • You’ve been hurt by past relationships and want to get over that pain so you can find the real thing
    • You’re experiencing issues with friends, family, colleagues or housemates and are wondering ‘is it me?’
    • You’re stuck in a work or career hole and want to take a ‘next step’ but have no idea what that is or how to do it
    • You don’t feel like you’re good enough
    • You’re working through new parts of your story – like discovering your sexuality or gender identity – and need some help
    • You and your partner are trying to decide whether or not to take ‘the next big step’ but fear is keeping you stagnant
    • You’re paralysed when it comes to making changes, even if you suspect they’ll be good for you

    Online counselling can be a lot less intimidating and a lot more accessible than traditional counselling – because you can do it from the comfort of your home. You can talk with or without video, and if written communication is more your thing, I also offer email-based counselling.

    While Im a digital nomad, I provide online counselling, relationship coaching, personal coaching and business coaching for folks all across Australia and around the world.


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    Online Relationship And Couples Coaching

    Relationships aren’t always easy – which is why relationship coaching and couples counselling is a huge part of what I do. I help people who have been together for awhile get past stuck places and learn to deepen their connection. Maybe you want to move in together or go travelling or have a baby or get a dog, but it’s never the right time. Or it’s relationship groundhog day- you’re stuck in patterns of fighting or boredom that make you feel concerned about ‘next steps’.

    You can get past these struggles by re-learning how to connect and enriching your relationship story.

    I am an inclusive relationship coach who works with all kinds of couples in all kinds of relationships, including: married folks and people in monogamous relationships, folks in ethical non-monogamous and polyamorous relationships, people in the LGBTQIA+ community, childfree families, people in cross-cultural relationships, expats/immigrants and digital nomads. I also help people dealing with issues in family relationships and very importantly, friendships.

    It’s not about taking sides, and it’s not about who is right or wrong: it’s about learning to listen and understand each other. It’s about remembering what makes your relationship special. And it’s about appreciating each each other, learning how better to support each other’s needs (as well as getting your own met).

    Relationship coaching online has the added advantage of increasing your skills where you need them: in your own home (not in an office where they’re forgotten on a stressful drive home).

    Together, we will identify the problems your relationship is facing, and work out how we can resolve them – with love, kindness and understanding.

    Check out my relationship coaching offer, even if you came here looking for online couples counselling, it might be a better fit.


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    Online Personal/Life Coaching

    Dating these days can be tough – especially if bad experiences have stolen your confidence.

    Maybe you’re tired of feeling like you aren’t good enough. Maybe you’re tired of attracting the wrong people and relationships into your life. Maybe you’re unlearning society’s expectations, and discovering parts of yourself you didn’t know existed.

    Either way, online personal coaching can be just the tool you need to break through those repetitive patterns, work through your problems and challenges, and get to a place of self-worth and confidence.

    When you work on your story of strength, you’ll usually find other areas of your life improve. Most of my clients show up for one reason, such as ‘I want to find the love of my life’, and end up not only meeting someone great, but also getting a better job, building stronger relationships with their family and friends (or kicking to the curb dead weight), and embracing life as it comes. Most importantly, they start feeling 110% better about who they are as we cultivate the kind of human they want to be.

    Re-ignite (or find for the first time) that self-love with me. You don’t have to go through these battles alone.

    Check out my personal coaching offer, even if you came here looking for 1:1 online counselling, it might be a better fit.


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Counselling is not a medical procedure: it’s human. And I’m here as a passionate, real human who wants to help you heal and grow.

Unlike a lot of traditional mental health professionals, psychologists, therapists and counsellors, I use narrative therapy – and the difference is huge.

Our stories, good and bad and all in-between, deserve to be heard. Working through them and re-writing those negative narratives in our head can give us a sense of hope, self-worth, and the clarity and strength you need to manage the challenges in your life.

My work as a counsellor and coach comes from a person-centered and inclusive approach (all genders and diverse humans are welcome and celebrated). I’m not here to diagnose or assess you – but I am here to tell you that you are not the problem in your life. The problem is the problem. Nicole Hind. Online counselling, Australian counsellor for couples, relationship coach, business coach for therapists, ethical non-monogamous counselling

Let’s get you to a place where you feel excited about life again. Let’s bring in the stories that strengthen you – and help you remember who you are and all the uniqueness you bring into the world.

It’s time for you to realise how incredible and worthy you are.


Looking for a different kind of support?

Business coaching for counsellors in private practice

Alongside online counselling and relationship coaching, I also provide business coaching and resources for other therapists wanting to start or improve their online counselling practice. Trust me when I say I KNOW how it feels when you’re starting out in private practice: imposter syndrome, overwhelm, and fear can make it near-impossible to build your dream business. Let me help you get past all that rubbish and make the dang thing happen.


Online course ‘From Bashful To Bold’

Don’t have the money to invest in counselling right now but interested in what narrative therapy can do for you? My comprehensive 10 week online course ‘From Bashful To Bold’ is available here, now. Designed to help folks who struggle to speak their mind and get more of what they need and want from life, it’s a confidence-boosting journey you shouldn’t miss. If your self-esteem has taken a dive then this course to help increase your sense of self-worth might be one of the most valuable things you do this year.


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